About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2017 in Athens Greece, Athens Modeling Academy is a successful model management agency that now operates in Greece, the United Kingdom and France.At Athens Modeling Academy, we appreciate that the journey to becoming a model can be sometimes met with various obstacles, and we are here to help models overcome these obstacles and conquer the modelling world.
Run by strong women, with a model centric focus, this modelling agency is committed to model success. Our goal is to be a safe haven for models to learn, grow, and shine. By ensuring upon the two, this is guaranteed to make your transition into the modeling world as smooth as possible. We also feel that these priorities are what separates us from other modeling academies. With our own photography team (predominantly specialising in the likes of fashion, wedding and portrait photography) and our abundant connections with various other modeling agencies, schools, studios and photographers, we at Athens Modeling Academy are committed to bringing you the best opportunities possible.

What do we offer?